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About Rishikesh Yoga Foundation

A global community practicing Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda in Rishikesh, India


Our History and Vision

Our school’s ethos is Yoga For Everyone.
We are a Holy Family — a global community practicing yoga and meditation in the context of an Ayurvedic, karma yoga lifestyle of peace and service — in Rishikesh.

Brought together by divine design, our directors, teachers, curriculum and all understandings of our community have been collected and curated through lifetimes.

All course details and program formatting are designed for students to learn and practice techniques taken from the ancient yogic philosophy, including relaxation for healing, strength, and body/mind/spirit coherence. Course Details

Our founding director and Yoga Teacher Training course instructor, Sanjay Dogra, has a wide range of yoga knowledge of training people from many countries and is always renewing his knowledge in self practice and continued studies.

With over 5 years experience living and working in the yoga community in Rishikesh, now we are ready to spread this light and energy of knowledge — Knowledge of healthy and happy yogi life style — with the world.


About Founder

Sanjay was born in Himalayan village Puldiyana in August 91.
He completed his 5 Lakhs Namha Shivaye Japa at the age of 14 while studying in class 8th, and has completed bachelors and diploma degrees in economics, panchkarma, and ayurveda therapy.

Since 2014, Mr. Dogra has been practicing Ayurveda Massage in his studio on Laxman Jhula Road, at Sant Sev Ashram.

Our Work

Rishikesh Yoga Foundation offers immersion Retreats, as well as short and long term courses for the study of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda Therapy. Our Yoga Teacher Training courses and retreats use traditional “Hatha” scriptures and reference, but are integrated with elements from many different styles of yoga.
Rishikesh Yoga Foundation Trust is a charitable organization. All tuition revenue is invested directly in Rishikesh community development. Our facilities, program design, curriculum, excursions, are dependent on community economics — i.e. what’s mine is yours, — for yogis in Rishikesh and beyond.
Our business design and pricing schemes are built to engage as wide an audience as possible, regardless of students’ financial status. We acknowledge the dangerous, divisive reality of global economic inequality, and have created RYF Trust to keep community funds in the community, investing and reinvesting for the growth of Yoga for Everyone, increasing the world’s understanding and practice of yogic lifestyle.
In coming years and decades, we plan to establish many safe, sacred spaces for students and seekers to enjoy: public ashrams, library, gardens and farms, for starters.
To learn more about our starving artist rates and our student scholarship fund, visit Our Programme page.

What Makes RYF Different?


Study yoga where it all began! Experience bliss at our location in Rishikesh, a holy city nested between the sacred Ganga river and the magnificent Himalayan mountains, where knowledge and practice of yoga has been a part of life for all of recorded history.

Class size

Unlike other courses with 50-100+ students, our classes are typically 5-15 people and cap our courses at 25 students. You’ll have more opportunities for feedback, questions, and most importantly time to practice teaching.

Our experienced teachers

Our world-class faculty includes Masters in Yoga. Our teachers have come from Rishikesh and beyond, taught all across India, in China, and are respected as the top authorities on traditional yoga and its philosophies. All of our classes are instructed in English.

Our motto

Rishikesh Yoga Foundation believes yoga is for everyone. Every month we host a community building week of donation based classes, so we can welcome yogis from all walks of life, especially including local youth and tight-budgeted travelers. Our ashram in Rishikesh is made possible by providential grace. Cooperative economics works!

Your Teachers


Sajan Dogra

Meditation, Ayurveda Therapy Teacher

Sajan studied for his MA Yoga at Himalayan Ayurveda College in Rishikesh, and his MBA at IMS Ghaziyabad. Born in Himalaya and learning and working in yoga, meditation and ayurveda beginning from childhood, he has been working in the field of ayurveda and panchkarma therapy since 2010. His studio in the Sant Sev Ashram in Laksman Jhula is home to his style of thai yoga therapy, unique to his collected knowledge in Rishikesh.

His current work with Rishikesh Yoga Foundation is to establish centers for a medicine-free world, where people depend on food of yoga, meditation, and ayurveda to maintain health and happiness.


Vinod Pundir

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Vinod Pundir has been practicing yoga from childhood. In 2011 he completed his Masters inYoga from Jay Raam ashram in his home town of Rishikesh, with the Gold Badge student award. He has more than 10 years of teaching experience, including yoga academies in Rishikesh, and in China.

He has various knowledge of ashtanga vinyasa, sequence of postures, with iyengar type awareness and use of biomechanic structural alignment and adjustments in asana. Pundir joined with Rishikesh Yoga Foundation in 2015 to share his spirit + knowledge of yoga with Rishikesh.


Ronak Gajjar

Hatha, Shatkarma & Pranayam Teacher

Ronak comes from a typical orthodox society in India. He belonged to a family who always believed in Soul meditation and surrender. Being exposed to the concept of living with Sadgurus’ in ashrams and practicing meditation right from the age of 6, he was always devoted and sincere in attending Yoga and Spiritual Courses as his career was at its usual routine. After his graduate studies, he began a career in Service industry & IT – Software & Support, but soon left to pursue yoga teacher training.

Since 2011 Ronak has been instructing yoga, understanding himself as a resourceful medium to those who come to him for healing and personal development, the “mind-body” balance. He maintains practices of Yoga and Meditation, teaching group classes in Dubai and taking Private Clients. His goal is to reach as many people as he can to share the traditional yoga & meditation teachings from the masters.


Laura Tremblay

Food Nutrition

Laura studied Economics at New York University, where she understood the critical need for spiritual transformation of the global marketplace. In 2013 she left her career in the field of inner city Education administration to pursue organic, hyperlocal, and sustainable farming. She has experience with food healing in patients with depression, mood disorder, extra weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, and more. Her specialty is plantbased, Ayurvedic food.

Her home in Houston, TX was a vacant lot in 2016, and is now serving as a Healing + art retreat center, with entirely off-grid permaculture farm and full living facility. laura.a.tremblay@gmail.com